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Shopify App Development

We can develop tailored solutions for your Shopify store, integrations, APIs and task automation. If you have a problem and haven't found an app that solves it let us know.

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Voice Assistant Development

Voice assistants are built into almost any new electronic device and are part of the life of millions of peoples around the world. We can connect your existing service, API or SAAS platform to Amazon Alexa or Google Home so you can tap into a brand new and unexplored way to reach customers.

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Custom Development

From API and CRM integrations to fully scalable backend systems we can design the perfect solution for your problem.

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What our customers are saying

Shopify Customer

This is a great app. THE BEST service I have ever received from any shopify related app or product. Instant replies and a solution custom made for my template. SO GOOD

Shopify Customer

I rarely write any review, but this app is perfect and clean! It allows sharing to Whatsapp, which is underrated by other apps. Perfect placement on the product picture! Makes it popup and encourages customers to share the product. The developer is excellent with perfect support, although it is a free app ...

Amazon Alexa User

I think this is the most feature-complete assistant skill for Destiny 2 as of this writing. I've tried the official bungie made skill, among others, and in some way or another they are always lacking. I think I've found more things that work with this skill than don't. This is just one more tool in my box when it comes to playing my favorite game!

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